General Benefits

star Experience

3 Years Experience with Shopify and over 7 Years Experience with program languages starting from school, continuing with university and still working on the self progress in the IT sector.

thumb_up Branding Expert

Winner of a web design award. Built over 200 websites. Knowing the exact ingredients, I will create a unique store (design) for your business in a few days according to your choice.

visibility Unique Dashboard

As an example of my skills, I will provide you a simple Dashboard, where you can spectate the whole process of creating your store. Dashboard information is completly transperent to the clients.

done Apps

Most of the freelancers do not install and configure additional "must-have" apps. In part of this job I will make your store better with apps, plus I will give you additional tutorials on "How to work with the app(s)".

chat Communication

One of the most important steps in building a successful store is communication. We can discuss the store features at any time of the building part. Suggesting is also recommended part of your "work".

beenhere Up-date

I will use the lastest Dawn theme as a base, to unloack all Shopify 2.0 Features. This will make your store load faster and become unique with the new features from the OS 2.0 provided by Shopify.